DTF Textile Pigment Ink
  • DTF Textile Pigment Ink

DTF Textile Pigment Ink

The waterbase pigment ink is designed for printing on DTF-Digital Printing Film, which is developed at the latest European technology  system, it is made from polymeric,high-soluble resin, new paste pigment .

Our DTF inks are High color density and they have bright color and good fluency. Not blocking the print head and bleeding after printing.



* CMYK color ink+white ink

* Water-based textile inks suitable for use in the DTF Film printing.

* Vibrant-toned prints with high flexibility that won't crack when stretched.

* Applicable on cotton, polyester and their blends, both light and dark.

* High resistance to washing without loss of color.

* Good media adaptation, good tinting and high gloss.

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DTF Textile Pigment Ink

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